Only Me

You do not know what I want.

I was thrusted into the hope

That you would bring me solace.

A break

A light

That I could follow

I know you are here to help me

Yet I know you are finished

You are done

I do not want your help no longer

This feels wrong

That is a scary thing to admit

You have guided me

Motivated me

Into something that I now realize

I do not want to be

Not what I believe

The quiet has been beneficial

The silence has calmed the noise

I can’t hear you now

I can hear my own voice

I can hear my thoughts

Your noise masked my own poison

My self-sabotage

However I have chosen

I need to hear the devil on my shoulder

I need to be the one to resist

I need to face my own demons

You cannot do this

I am selfish

I understand that

Right now I need to be.

The fog has finally cleared


That there are many paths I can take.

Many wounds to be healed

Let me think.

Let me do.

Let me be.

Only me

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