Scared of love

Scared of the current

Sweeping away my conscious

To the point where I do not recognize my thoughts

Or my heart

Yet this is the start

Of a great love

A true love

That could flourish into the worlds greatest romance

Am I wrong to be scared?

Am I wrong to flow ?

In the current  I swim in with no ground below?

When he leaves

I become nocturnal

When he arrives

I become diurnal

My pleasure becomes pain

My strings become played

I cannot sit back

As I wait for the right time

For time is a construct

A lie.

As I dive into the waves

Of the current that pulls me

I breathe under water

With the life he provides me

Scared of love.

Afraid of love.

Open to love.

Happy with love.

Brave with love.

Saved with love.

I am finally safe.

I am finally free.

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