God Bless You

You are writing a message

That seemed long overdue

That I would sit here

Waiting for you

As much as you might think

I am not yours

I never was

I stand on my own

You took a break

I would not lie if I told you

Your departure hurt

Cut my deepest fears

My light was burnt

Reminding myself

I shared my love

My fears

My body

My blood

Even my tears

Wasted tears.

To think I sat




Into this false reality

I stated

That you were good

As I hated

My own response towards you

I thought we connected

On the ground we stood

I realize now

My clouded judgement

Makes me believe in not what I should

You are full of ego

You are careless

A man who does not digest

What is beyond the physical

What is beyond the dress

Distracted with the fake

As I sat here


Although you could not touch me

You could feel.

Your snake

Could never replicate

Or steal

The feelings I made you feel.

I will state this again

I am real.

And that my dear

Is the deal

From a woman who has healed

So as you disappeared from my life

You gradually disappeared from my mind

Your wasted space

With my wasted grace

Left behind

My aura is full of light

No time for your stride

To run into my life

God is with me

It is only H.I.M I seek

My beauty

My brilliance

My strength

My resilience

God Bless You

Good Riddance


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