Throughout it all

You have been here

With the heights


Breathing in the air

You speak in fair

Words that give me the strength

To ignite the woman I am

The woman you are

The woman you have become

Your path has been rocky

The streams of water


Yet you swam

You climbed

You reached

You are at your peak

More to come as

We speak

You are inspiring

Your love

Your drive

Your fun

You strived

For greatness

Your bud has blossomed

Into various colours

Showcasing the most

Radiant flower

The world has yet to discover

We are

Sisters by heart

Sisters by blood

Sisters by love

We will continue to carve

The life we share

The life we are

One thought on “Sister

  1. That was beautifully written 👏 very inspirational. Joanna your a poet at heart. I look forward to your writing. Keep up the excellent work.


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