As I walk through the piazza

I hear the children laugh

The adults yell

In passion

In culture

In fruition of who they are

Running around the art

The ancient statues of Aphrodite, Venus

The goddess of love



And happiness

Love is versatile

In this very piazza

Love exists

In all forms

No limits

As I walk through the sunny piazza

A dark steep path

The wind is blowing in the air

The sun is shining on my skin

A body of water appears to fair

In my eardrums

Flowing with the octaves of water




I stand by the harbour

Looking out into the sky

Thinking how and why

We worry of the things so small

When the earth is too beautiful

To overlook

My smile widens

My skin is shining

My hair is blowing

Yellow light of my inner core



The love that I have

The love that I give

The love that I am

I look afar

I lock eyes

He stares

The wind blows

My light

Brightens his face

A sea of women


Seeking attention

Yet all he sees

Is the eyes

My eyes

A warm breeze blows

I walk towards him

The light getting brighter



His muscles glisten

His smile widens

His eyes follow

I lead

The love I give

The love he feels

With him following

The water flows

Waves crash



I walk by your smile in happiness

My eyes do not stray

His steps are behind me

He will stay

Yet I walk freely

 And he is okay

I miss my family

They mean everything

I do not belong here

I am a woman

I take on fear

I will not be scared

I will be brave

My mind has faired

Ηere is what I’ve learned

The more I live

In a box built for me

The more sad

Depressed I’ll be

My life is freedom.





I will succeed

And be free

I heard this from above

My family is my heart

I will not forget you

Your love ignited the start

Of my art

My true purpose

To live life to its fullest

Unsplash Greg Rakozy

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